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Ted Soppet

About Ted Soppet

Meet Ted Soppet, a young professional who has been building knowledge and experience for nearly a decade. Ted is an avid traveler and enjoys going and experiencing new places and cultures around the world. He gets lots of opportunities to travel due to his career and has been grateful for it. 

From Europe to the Caribbean to Asian countries, there is no destination that doesn’t seem to intrigue Ted Soppet. Over the course of his adult life, he has been able to grow a profound love for discovering new cultures, foods, and languages. His own knowledge of languages has expanded since he began traveling. Visiting new cultures opens up the opportunity to meet new people and grow his understanding of the world, something that has grown Ted into a more well-rounded individual.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to travel in the past few years, but Ted Soppet is looking forward to being able to embrace this passion now that travel is becoming more accessible once again. He feels safe to travel is the most important thing when going to different countries and is excited to be able to safely see the world again. 

The one thing that Ted loves the most is being able to try new food that he doesn’t get access to anywhere else. He feels trying it from the original area is the only way to try new foods as it will be the best you can get. As this will give you the most authentic experience overall. He also loves how much traveling has expanded his views and knowledge of the world. Learning is something Ted Soppet loves to do, and you can always learn something new when traveling around the world. Getting the most out of your traveling is always the top priority, you never want to leave somewhere feeling like you missed out, so it is always important to Ted to get the most out of anywhere he goes. 

 There is no transportation that Ted hasn’t tried from plane, car, train, or bus. Flying is its own experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. It can be scary for certain people, but after a while, it has become second nature for Ted. The airport is like his second home with all the traveling he does. 

Learn more about Ted Soppet by checking out his blog page and stopping back often for the latest posts!