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Whether you’re looking to be the next Warren Buffet, boost your stock portfolio, or simply want some business and economic advice, these books are must-reads.

  1. The Intelligent Investor

A classic within investment circles since its publication in 1949, Benjamin Graham’s long-lasting tome does a great job of getting new investors ready for the financial world that awaits them. Stripped of a lot of the technical jargon that can put newcomers off financial investments, this book is much more about getting readers into a “mindset” that will make them good investors. With Graham, you’ll learn not just why value investing is important and how to navigate financial markets, but how to think critically about them while doing so.

  1. Common Sense on Mutual Funds

Just as Graham’s book is a must-read among investors, John C. Bogle’s 1999 book is essential for those interested in mutual funds in particular. It takes readers through everything from the basics of mutual funds to how to diversify your stock portfolio and stay up to date on regulatory changes.

  1. The Alchemy of Finance

The classic definition of alchemy is the ability to turn common materials into gold. What better term to “coin” for modern investing? Written by no less an investor than George Soros, this book gives an insight into his thought process when investing, including his famous “theory of reflexivity.” Soros famously took on the Bank of England and won, so he knows a thing or two about winning hard financial fights, and this book can help you develop the same winning economic mentality.

  1. Advice That Sticks

This one’s for financial advisors. Written by Dr. Moira Somers, an expert in neuropsychology and financial changes, this book features five factors to consider when advising clients, along with signs that your advice is sticking (hence the title) and strategies for making that happen.

Each of these books provide unique insights into the fast-paced world of modern finance. Reading any or all of them can give you the tools you need to invest and advise with confidence.